Adela Campbell

Photography + Creative Direction
Works between London and Barcelona



Printing Machine, 2019

A project based on the creation of a printing machine.    
With the inspiration from Sol LeWitt’s drawings, five 500 x 500mm stencils were made to be used as tools to draw with. The drawings produced, focus on the repetition of the line, exploring order, symmetry, and pattern.

Chaotic Order, WIP Show, Htown Studio, London, 2019

One of the stencils was used repetedly to produce Chaotic Order, a 1500x1500mm drawing I exhibited at the Camberwell College of Arts Graphic Design Work in Progress Show.

Shape and Form, 2019

Visual exploration of the structure of nature by stripping down tree’s shape to their essential form through the grid. The grid allows to remove any aesthetical distraction, and at the same time enhance the tree’s curves and volume.


                    Shape and Form 2, 2019